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Producer: José Manuel Jimenez
Department: Quindio
Municipality: Circasia
Altitude: 1550 MAS
Varietal: Caturra
    Harvest: September 2015
Process: Honey, pulped at 5pm, with mucilage left in tact and then screen sorted
Drying: Sun dried for 7 days, rested in parchment for 2 months to stabilise
Flavour notes: Coffee cherry tea, grapefruit, effervescent, sugar cane

Finca La Dorada is a unique farm in that almost all of it’s entire production is sold into the local market in Quindio to local roast- ers. What makes the farm even more unique is that it is fully equipped with its very own micro mill where all parchment is hulled, screen and density sorted. José is a progressive producer who believes in specialty coffee as a means to improved income through coffee. The lower lying altitude of his farm makes it ideal to produce honey processed coffees, this enables José to dry his parchment quicker in the initial drying phase preventing any unwanted over ferment, and with mild night time temperatures, his parchment can dry more consistently and evenly throughout the drying process. Along with having ideal growing conditions, José is meticulous with his post milling processes. He employs 5 local women who work from their homes, to hand sort his coffee removing any defects that may have made it past the milling and sorting stage. La Dorada is a remarkably large size farm by Colombian standards and what is striking about this farm is the number of shade trees that populate the differ- ent lots on the farm. This is a reason why La Dorada is RFA certified, but also a reason why José can attain a higher quality cherry. He practices as many organic farming practices as is practically possible, while fertilizing twice a year to ensuring appro- priate soil nutrient levels, José has a large worm farm where coffee pulp is composted and turned into fertilizer for the farm. 

  Hand sorting post milling on  the farm

Hand sorting post milling on the farm

  José Jimenez in his micro mill   on La Dorada, Quindio

José Jimenez in his micro mill on La Dorada, Quindio