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COUNTRY: Burundi

REGION: Gatara


PROCESS: Natural

MASL: 1672

Roasted or Green:
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The washing stations at Ngozi, Burundi are privately owned and employ local managers to manage the stations throughout the year, and employ seasonal workers from the surrounding area through the harvest season. Each washing station employs 3 to 5 permanent workers and is run by a manager who is also the agronomist who provides farming advice to the local communities. The average pay for the regular workers is 300,000 Burundian Francs per month. This is double the pay of other competing washing stations in the area, and managers are provided housing with electricity and a motor vehicle. The washing station encourages producers to pick and deliver only the ripest cherries.  Prior to coffee being delivered to the mill, the washing station has a pre-delivery area where producers float, hand sort, and float again, their cherry before delivery to the mill. Cherry is weighed, and producers receive a payment equivalent to the local market rate. They are then paid a quality premium at the end of the season. 

Their total price per kilo of cherry paid was an average of 490 Burundian Francs (BIF), thisbeing 27% more than the market price of 360 BIF/kg for the 2016 season. 

In addition to this, each producer was paid a 20 BIF/kg bonus prior to Christmas. Gakenke is named after the plants that are found in this region called imikenke. These plants have thin, hollow stems which people cut to use as a straw to drink the locally made banana beer. Gakenke washing station processes cherries from around 2600 local coffee farmers from the 22 neighbouring hills.